About Us

Meet the Owner:

Walter “Ishmusic” Person, is an accomplished Engineer/Producer whose credits range from Hip Hop and R&B to Gospel, Country, Rock and everything in between. He's spent the past 25 years in studios working with Award winning artists/producers/engineers and also helping to cultivate up and coming talents. His passion for music and knowledge of studios have catapulted him to success, and also fuel his desire to "give back". Some of his works have been nominated for Dove Awards, Stellar Awards, and even Grammy consideration. The studio, founded in 2013 inside a bedroom, has since grown into a multiple room production facility, but maintains a laid back feel that accentuates creativity. Sonstorm Studio houses two recording studios, a large tracking room floor suitable for full bands or large choirs, a podcast room, kitchen and lobby areas, and space for private listening sessions. We're invested in growing the Memphis Music Community!

Studio History:

The original studio "Cotton Row Recording" was a staple in the Memphis music community from the 80's - until it was taken over in 2021 by Walter Person. This was a full circle moment for Walter since this was the very same studio his father used to bring he and his brothers to, as he was a working musician when they were younger. This same studio is where he recorded early music of his own. Same studio where he interned during his time at University of Memphis. Now as the owner, he's committed to building on the rich history while forging a new legacy.